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We are experts at Marketing solutions using the full suite of Oracle Marketing Products - Siebel OnPremise, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle Social Relationship Management and hybrid solutions. We have helped some of the largest Automotive and Technology companies in building out successful Marketing Solutions using Oracle products. Contact us for your Marketing Consulting needs

Our company has extensive experience in performing Siebel upgrades as well as implementing Siebel OpenUI; One of the few that have several successful OpenUI implementations in Sales, Call Center, Service, Partner Portal and eCommerce. We believe in working closely with your IT team to perform the OpenUI upgrade and customizations. Not only will your staff gain the know how to take it forward in the future, but also it will keep the implementation costs down. Contact us for references.

We have some of the most experienced consultants in implementing Oracle's Siebel Loyalty, the industry standard in Loyalty. We are also building the first Blockchain based Loyalty solution to augment your OnPremise Loyalty. Improve the value of your Loyalty Points by allowing Partners and Consumers to transact your Loyalty Points using Blockchain technology. Talk to us for enhancing your Loyalty applications

  • Implement Marketing with Siebel Marketing, Oracle Marketing Cloud and Oracle Social Relationship Management
  • Implement Siebel Loyalty for your customers and Partners
  • Upgrade your Siebel application to the latest version
  • Implement OpenUI so that Siebel runs on all modern browsers
  • Modify the look and feel of your application using HTML5, CSS, Jquery, Jquerymobile and Javascript to provide a great user experience to your internal employees, customers and partners

Custom solutions

All of our products are built on open stack technologies. We use HTML5, CSS, Python, node.js, angular, jQuery, JQueryMobile and related frameworks to build our applications. We can customize any of these to suit your specific enterprise use cases. Leading edge companies such as Linkedin, Facebook, Paypal and Wal-Mart use this technology stack. Your investment in these products is thus protected. Enterprise applications need to change with times, so we believe our customers should have full control in how they use these applications. Your company staff can maintain and modify these apps, we can do it for you, or both! Similarly, we can host these applications or you can do it yourself, your choice.

  • We realize that products built on proprietary technologies cannot meet all your needs
  • We have built our products on an open source stack, which can be easily modified to solve your business problem
  • Let us customize a solution for your specific enterprise needs