Verifiable credentials for data integrity and security

Pravici PocketCred (formerly VeriCred) is built on Blockchain technology, specifically to address credential issuance and verification, such as one for COVID-19 vaccines. We at Pravici have been working to build a "digital passport" that citizens can carry in their mobile device or digital card to prove that they have taken a test or vaccine. Our software application features user-friendly creation of schemas* and proof templates**, as well as QR code technology for credential issuance and verification.

We can integrate our software application with any EHR used by hospital systems or clinics (see Video 2 and Video 3), so that the record of a vaccination can be obtained from there and issued to the customer.

  • * Schemas are used to specify the attributes of a credential, issued by the issuer
  • ** Proof templates are used by the verifier to check for the attributes in a schema

Features of PocketCred

Low risk

Tamperproof and Secure

Whereas a simple digital copy of a vaccine credential can easily be edited, PocketCred’s digital signatures ensure the credential cannot be altered or forged.

Private ledger

Protecting your privacy

Zero-knowledge proof technology allows users to control what is shared and with whom. Information is not stored in the cloud, staying with you in your pocket.

Partner expansion

Quick, touchless verification

Protect yourself and the community from unnecessary exposure with QR Scanner technology for fast and easy credential issuance and verification.


Convenient, Credentials in your pocket

No more rifling through papers or scrolling through emails, mobile wallets can carry anything useful from airline tickets to health records. PocketCred is compatible with such free and public wallets (e.g. Evernym’s connect.me app) to securely hold digital credentials.

Private ledger

Compatible with IATA Travel Pass

The IATA has issued a Travel Pass mobile application, similar to connect.me (also built on technology from Evernym), which is slated to be used by airlines to allow travelers to show proof of vaccination. Pravici PocketCred can be used to issue and verify credentials from that app. A number of airlines such as British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways are already piloting the Travel Pass application.

How it works

Watch this short video series for more information.