Tokenized Loyalty Points

Tokenize the Loyalty Points of your loyalty platform, to open a whole new realm of possibilities!

Tokenized Loyalty Points (TLP) allow a loyalty issuer to reconcile transactions easily with a set of partners - selling points to a partner ecosystem is very profitable; If we can add large partners rapidly with each of them running a node, the reconciliation of transactions is easier with a distributed ledger.

TLP also allows multiple loyalty systems to join, so that members can buy, sell and exchange points between multiple loyalty points. Again, with each of the participating issuers running nodes, reconciliation and verification of point exchanges gets to be much easier.

TLP Architecture - Swap existing database-controlled tokens with blockchain-tracked tokens.

Features of TLP

Low risk

Phased, low risk implementation

For companies with existing Loyalty programs, the TLP provides a low-risk migration from centrally managed system to a distributed system on the blockchain.

Private ledger

Private distributed ledger

The distributed ledger allows you to share responsibility for the security and processing of the loyalty balances and transactions. Because the ledger is private, it is only accessible to trusted entities in your network.

Partner expansion

Easier, rapid partner expansion

Expand your partner network quickly and easily to enhance the experience of your members in using Loyalty Tokens earned from doing business with you.


Ready for the future

Putting your Loyalty Points into a shared ledger might be your first blockchain implementation, but it probably won't be your last. This can be a significant first step on your journey with the new tech.

How it works

Blockchain tech custom-designed for enterprise needs

Watch this short video that describes the Pravici Blockchain offering and helps give you some context to understand how the blockchain can enhance your existing Loyalty Program and Platform.